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July 15, 2012
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:PHQ: Dietrich de Striguil by franciumme :PHQ: Dietrich de Striguil by franciumme


= Name: Dietrich de Striguil

= Age: 16 years old

= Gender: Female

= Height: 5'4 (lol heels)

= Weight: 51 kg

= Personality:

At first sight, Dietrich can appear to be very cold and uncaring; the way she speaks frankly, her intimidating stare, narrowed and piercing eyes, her proud composure...But that isn't true. Only a few witnessed Dietrich's true attitude, especially the five bosses whom she hangs out with the most. When with her friends, she can be very obnoxious and flirty, yet in a calm and relaxed way that you can barely tell she's fumbling nonsense.

- She is lazy;has a tendency to slack off and yet have a perfect alibi to retort anyone.
- She barely takes anything seriously. Most of the time, she will just brush off uneasiness and danger.
- She accepts things way too easily.
- She can read the atmosphere too much, and yet she ignores it.
-She is arrogant.
-She is very suspicious and cynical whenever things don't go her way.
-Can be rude

= Backstory:

Dietrich was a child from a wealthy family which owned various corporations. She was a genius, a prodigy, and held a variety of talents as well. Everybody respected her, even though she's very young.

Well, everyone except her father.

Turns out that she's an illegitimate child, and that the family only kept her because she was still "useful". Her real mother passed away when she was born,at least that's what they said, and since then she's been treated like a robot by her father. The "talents" she had were forced upon her. Everyday, she was forced to take training and would be unable to rest until she perfected it all; If she failed, her hand would be beat up with a metal pole. If she complained, her father would threaten to throw her real mother's ashes away. She learned to cope with life. When she went outside, she greeted everyone and appeared to be very bright. All of these are fake; Inside, she would ridicule and intimidate them. She thought lowly of these people.She lived like this for so long that she forgot how it's like to be true again. It came to the point that she never really cared anymore. That was the time when a message was delivered to her.

"Do you really believe that your mother died by giving birth to you? Do you really accept that as a fact?
I expected better of you."

Dietrich was struck when she read she read the message. She speculated that maybe, her mother didn't die upon giving birth. She researched and researched. Her mother was a famous noble, so her death should at least have been broadcasted. Still, she couldn't find anything. She couldn't find anything. With all the news clips and pages sprung on her room, she despised the fact that she haven't found even one word about her mother's death. Her room was full of pages, clips, reports----all of them were stained red. The room was red in Dietrich's eyes.

Did she even exist at all?

It was a malicious thought, but Dietrich couldn't help it. She was confined in her small dwelling place, and the people whom she talked to all said the same thing. She is desperate. maybe not shown in her exterior. But inside, she knew her heart was enveloping a despicable doubt that she won't be able to disregard. She had no choice now.She searched for her mother's name in the registry, "Henrietta de Striguil".

Nothing came up.

That was when she decided to confront her father, not fearing the sheer coldness and sharpness of the metal pole which injured her hands many years ago. Confronting him with soulless eyes, she was amazed at how thrilled her heart became. Is it because of the matter she was gonna confront her father about? Before she could even go to her father's room, she was greeted by the servants running about in panic and fear. Gunshots echoed as each one of these "lowly" servants went to eternal sleep.It lasted for a minute or two. Dietrich had no choice but to peek and hide in her little secluded room.

"Aus meinen grossen Schmerzen
Mach' ich die kleinen Lieder;
Die heben ihr klingend Gefieder
Und flattern nach ihrem Herzen.

Sie fanden den Weg zur Trauten,
Doch kommen sie wieder und klagen,
Und klagen und wollen nicht sagen
Was sie im Herzen schauten. "

In minutes, the chance given to her for a long time was stolen. The assassination was broadcasted.

"Former head Heinrich de Striguil was found dead at 18:56 p.m, Striguil household. It is presumed that no one survived except the deceased's daughter, whose whereabouts are not known."

The head of the Striguil family is now Arthur de Striguil, the youngest brother from the original branch. Dietrich went off to leave Germany, with her eyes opened on how it was just a one in a million chance of findin anything about her mother, especially now that her only lead is gone, She knew that it was impossible;and she accepted it. If Germany hadn't known of her mother's existence, why would anyone know about it?
That was what Dietrich thought.
She was possibly just using it as an excuse to leave behind her old life. Well, to enjoy her remaining life.

What she wondered about,though, is how she never felt any remorse for what happened to their household. A forced acceptance that drove her nowhere from what she once was.



= Weapon/Abilities:


- Cheytac 5200 Intervention
- Benchmade Heckler & Koch Auto w/3.75" Black Oxide Combo Edge & Aluminum Handle Knife
- Staplers (Surgical ones)


- Excellent parkour skills
- Unparalleled perception and strategic thinking
- Hacking and information gathering

= Hobbies
*Being lazy
*Bumming on her laptop
*Playing with her ds/psp while on duty
*Teasing Corda/ Getting rejected by her LOL ksjdk
*Not a security camera person, but she still knows what happens around the hq for some unknown reason. Provoke her and she'll probably snap and recite your daily routine.

= Other Info:
*Aside from being an exceptionally skilled sniper and all-range combatant, Dietrich is also a master Traceuses. All of these backfire pretty bad as Die won't even try to use her abilities in missions because of her laziness.
*She refers to moms a lot. You can probably guess why.
Oh and the police as well.
*She likes people who share the same traits with her.
*In missions, she is not seen on the front line. She is frequently assigned the task of sniping someone, so she's always found in the rooftop in missions. lol forever alone
*She is referred to as "Killing machine with no battery (grief) life" by some of the pioneers in PHQ.
-*No one actually knows her true capabilities for she barely fights seen by others.
* A really really good liar.


I know there's something in the backstory that strikes a question. ILOL DONT WANT TO CLARIFY WWW

what her voice kinda sounds like: [link]
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